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Vepsun operates on a franchisee based business model. As a part of this, Vepsun has a corporate office, situated in Bangalore. The remaining part of the goodwill goes to its valued partners who have been associated with Vepsun. These partners have collaborated with Vepsun and have opened doors for students to get acquainted with the latest developments in the technology domains pertaining to their organizations.These regional offices have franchisees under them and the franchisees report to the regional offices as well as to the corporate office. Steps are taken to ensure the smooth functioning of the franchisees and that they meet the revenue expectations. For the same, various kinds of marketing and operational support is provided. As a part of providing marketing support, various collaterals are sent to the franchisees as a part of support for their campaigns.

Various promotional campaigns are also organized by the corporate office to drive in more sales to the franchisees. As a part of our ongoing operational support, trainers are sent from the corporate office to our franchisees to train the trainers there. This training could be of imparting knowledge on a completely new technology area or about up-skilling of knowledge on an existing technology.

As demand for industry-ready information technology professionals in India continues to rise, given India's pre-eminent position as the global off shoring / outsourcing destination for IT services. Moreover, companies within the country, including those in the public sector, look to optimize their business processes using IT, the demand for qualified IT professionals will be unabated in the foreseeable future. Employers in the IT segment are on the look out for IT professionals with expertise in diverse domains and various platforms. They lament the lack of adequate quality and Skill-sets in students coming straight from mainstream education streams, thus leading to a serious shortfall of the right skills in the industry. This widening gap between demand and supply is the BIG opportunity for those in the IT education and certification Sector. Would you like to make the most of this opportunity?

Franchise Opportunity with Vepsun:

Vepsun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been one of the leading providers of Information Technology (IT) education & training since last two years and has trained more than 1,000 students. We have been successful in the franchising business model with our IT franchises in the domestic market. This is an attempt to motivate & support the upcoming entrepreneurs to venture into the IT Training business model.

Why Vepsun as a Choice?

  • Leverage a well established brand that is recognized domestically and globally.
  • Vepsun Franchise Business model has stood the test of time.
  • Vepsun Franchise Business model has stood the test of time.
  • Course fees are finalized in consultation with Business Partners.
  • Detailed Operations manuals and processes.
  • Center Management, Faculty and Sales training.
  • Latest and updated Curriculum.
  • Courseware and Promotional material.
  • Sales and Marketing, Technical and Systems support.
  • Profitable, sustainable and scalable business.

First Meeting

A face-to-face meeting shall take place between you and a Vepsun representative. This is the most important part of this process, you will be given a detailed introduction to Vepsun during which the franchising opportunity will be discussed at length. Complete Project report along with the investments and resources required will be discussed. Questions you may have about franchise operations would also be addressed during this meeting.


Once you feel 110% confident about joining the Vepsun team, we will ask you to a sign a Letter of Intent (LOI) stating your intent to take up a Vepsun Franchise. Every franchisee, before joining the Vepsun Franchise network, goes through a screening process which helps us understand him better. You will be required to pay a refundable Security Deposit before the screening process starts.

Final Approval

You will be notified about the screening process within 3 days regarding the final approval. During this stage you will also be required to submit a business plan for the next 2 years for evaluation. This is to understand your ability as a business partner and also to earmark business areas that need attention. Final approval shall be granted by the Head Office following which you will sign an MOU.

Location Selection

After the final approval, you will be required to search for 2-3 location options for a Vepsun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. centre as per the criteria stated by Vepsun. Once these location options are submitted, a Vepsun representative shall visit the location and approve the same as per norms stated by Vepsun.

Franchise Agreement

Post the site approval, you will be required to sign the franchise agreement within two weeks of the approval date along with the payment of franchise fee.

If you are interested in joining the Vepsun Franchise Network. Please contact Vepsun Corporate Office.

Franchise Franchisor Relationship is like a Hare - Tortoise, where the Hare carries the tortoise on its back over the ground & the tortoise carries hare when they cross a river, each capitalizing on its own strength Initially when the venture is in the nascent stage, the Franchisor bears a role of a gardener & does the entire hand holding at various fronts. Support required is on technical, sales & operations part. Vepsun support & operations team would guide the franchise centre in all respects. Gradually with experience control evolves leading to more independence & understanding. Then the role of Vepsun shapes as that of a mentor, providing motivation & information as well as striving for futuristic goals. Faculties constantly need to "sharpen their saw" on the latest technologies & delivery techniques for better customer delivery. Thus, Vepsun would conduct scheduled special training programs for all your faculties.

It's well known "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." For the entrepreneur being new into the business it's imperative to understand the key processes, systems & roles. As the captain of this ship it's essential for you to take charge & lead from the front. To enable this Vepsun conducts a three day training cum induction Program known as "Business Basic Workshop" highlighting all the major parts of this business such as HR practices, Operations, staff selection criteria & marketing etc.,this tool enables to avoid lot of experimentation resulting in uncertainty.

HR Support

It's a coordinated effort between the Business Partner & the operations team to get the initial manpower though the final approval will have to come from Vepsun. Attrition to a certain extent does exist but if HR policies are followed well & back up plans are ready not such a big issue. It can be completely taken care by following certain practices & Processes from the word go. Through our experience we have evolved a set of policies which would mitigate the trouble occurred due to contingencies. We understand the Importance of this matter & due emphasis would be laid in the Business Basic Workshop conducted at our place.

Marketing Support

Sales people are the engines of any organization. A well informed & trained sales staff is indispensable component for the success. Hence, grooming them is an area requires experience. Vepsun Support team due to virtue of its experience in man management is extremely well equipped. Regular sales training workshops is a part of process.

Understanding the market comes with experience & experimentation as well. Thus, executing marketing activities that would generate desired response requires patience & as the visibility & customer base increases, gradually a brand providing good service will ease on acceptance criteria laying platform for future business. New courses go through a cycle of events from being resisted to becoming popular although good relevant courses exert a quicker transition to being popular.

Placement Support

Vepsun' principle of quality, commitment and value-addition is evident in its services it offers to its students. Vepsun invests a lot of time in building their skills, persona, and grooms them to an extent where they are ready to take on challenges awaiting them in the corporate world with zeal and courage.

It's success factor is attributed to it's strive for excellence and commitment to its students. Our expertise lies in offering them the best of services that include industry - relevant courses with hands-on labs, best trainers, communication and personality development sessions, and a competent placement service cell that completes their learning process in style.

A specialized three tier team of recruiters and HR personnel work with multiple clients to provide the right platform for companies and students to interact with the results of our placement services bear testimony to the commitment we have towards our students and reflect our value-addition offered towards shaping their careers. Vepsun' clients have been extremely satisfied with its student base and are highly appreciative of the skills and the attitude shown by them.

Information Technology is an integral part of our everyday lives and it's only going to grow. India is the world's largest exporter of IT-related services and has the second largest number of IT professionals in the world (after the US). Vepsun has been an integral part for giving India IT enabled manpower specifically in Virtualization Technology and Networking. Vepsun is a pioneer in the field of Virtualization Technology and Networking training and Do-it-yourself training in India.

Vepsun wants to expand its reach worldwide through efficient partnership and provide its expertise in countries where there is immense need for IT training, with over 2 Years of experience in Cloud technology training. Vepsun's expertise is unmatched.

Vepsun is looking at customizing content and training needs according to specific needs of the market. The end goal always will to provide employable skills to the students.

To know more details about international franchisee, please contact Vepsun Corporate Offices.

Vepsun started its Corporate Offices for Bangalore region under the title of Vepsun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It is located at Marathalli. The company's vision is to start centers across the India within the span of Five years through franchisee and company owned centers.

We offer unique partnership opportunities to help your business grow and flourish. We believe that growth can be successfully archived through partnership and alliances.

If you are interested in joining the Vepsun Franchise Network. Please contact Vepsun Corporate Office.